What we do

Relate are dedicated to client support. We have won the Accounting WEB Software Satisfaction Awards for the last four years and have been shortlisted again this year. We have an excellent client satisfaction rating and never take our clients for granted. Our company message is “success built on service” and we try our hardest everyday to live upto this.

We are always looking forward with our product development and we are currently developing a series of SAAS solutions for accountants and their clients.

Practice Management

DRIVE Practice Management is the next generation of time and billing with financial management for accountants. The right combination of controlling time and early billing ensures that DRIVE users experience large savings within weeks of implementing the system.


Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is now considered a cornerstone of a modern practice. Relate has developed DRIVE CRM specifically for accountants in practice. DRIVE CRM significantly improves the way your firm handles the client management process.


DRIVE contains a series of workflow management tools designed to help firms control and monitor job plans, schedules, deadlines and overall productivity. Initially users can define their job plans using a drag and drop facility on the job planner view.